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Modified ORCsy rating system with performance curve scoring to be used for 2022

Rating System for our next regatta 2022.

As everyone knows key to rating/handicapping Superyachts is knowing the wind strength. We all know that some competitors that shouldn’t even be sailing in 10K TWS turn into another animal altogether in 20K TWS. So initially the rating system incorporated wind bands with different ratings for each per your certificates. In the past that meant the onus was on the race management to correctly predict what the wind speed would be for a given race. As you all know with rating bands only having a range of 3k (to get the rating right) the pressure on the RC to get this call right for a race over the next 4 hrs with disparate start times and squalls in play can be somewhat of a crap shoot. (And we even split chickens open to predict the future.)

Since ORC was called in to develop a Superyacht Rating System they have constantly been upgrading, as you would with any software package, as the actual data over time allows you to do so. To this end acknowledging the challenges above they have developed PCS.

In their words.

PCS (performance curve scoring) is the most powerful and proven upgrade to the existing SY rating system which seeks to fairly rate SY’s in all wind conditions”

There is a description of how this works (a word document) on our Notice Board.

Last year for our event (which never happened) we were discussing with ORC how to best rate our Round the Island Race knowing full well that this race would see lots of different wind speeds over 4-6 hrs especially in the lee of the island. That was when they proposed PCS which we were going to try out for that race.

However since our non-event PCS has been used elsewhere and proven to be the way forward.

Therefore for the next edition of the SYRA this will be used as the rating system.

Download more details: ORCsy rating system explained”